Just for a change…

… a recipe to celebrate the end of school term, which must be coming soon or already have happened.

This recipe for Flapjacks was given to me years ago when I was teaching in a school, and each member of staff cooked a dish for the end of term, and shared the recipe. I still have the copy made on the school Roneo machine (anyone remember those?) and the recipe has hardly been changed since. I love adding cherries to mine. Not only do the cooked flapjacks freeze well, you can eat them almost straight from the freezer—


125gm butter or margarine

1/2 cup brown sugar (you can reduce this amount if you want it less sweet)

1 tablespoon golden syrup

3/4 cup Self-Raising Flour

2 cups oats or muesli 

1 level teaspoon bicarbonate of soda 

You can add nuts, cherries, raisins etc to the oats.


Heat oven to 170 degrees C. Grease or line a Swiss roll tin.

Melt butter, sugar, and syrup gently together in a pan that’s going to be large enough to mix everything in later.

Dissolve the bicarbonate of soda in two spoonfuls of hot water - it should fizz.

Add to melted butter mixture - it will fizz again!

Add oats and flour.

Mix together. Spread and flatten in the tin, and bake for about 10-15 mins, until it puffs up and is golden brown.

Cut into slices while warm. Remove slices and put on a wire tray to cool.


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