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Lynne Cameron is an artist based on the Scottish island of Bute. She was previously professor of applied linguistics at the University of Leeds and the Open University. Years of research into metaphor and empathy in the dynamics of dialogue accompany her into the studio. She developed her painting alongside her academic work through a multitude of part-time courses, including Painting in Contemporary Practice at The Slade, University of London, and Advanced Painting at Morley College, London. Her work has been exhibited in galleries in Berlin, London and Leeds, and was shortlisted for the National Open Art competition in 2015. Her poem, ‘A Wonder World for Enid’, won the first poetry competition of The Psychologist in 2015.

Cameron’s painting is driven by the energy of colour. She uses acrylic paints on paper and canvas, often featuring fluourescent pink, oranges and reds, in an expressionist style. On leaving her university professorship to work as a professional artist, she was invited to take up a fellowship and artist residency at Cinepoetics Centre for Advanced Film Studies at the Freie Universität, Berlin. The shift opened a seam of intuitive poiesis that took the form of colourful, dense and layered paintings on paper, interacting with words sparked by working with paint.

Her work is inspired by the reflective sensibilities of women artists, particularly Joan Snyder and Anne Truitt; by the delicate scrutiny, commitment, and poetic writing of John Berger; and by the powerful use of colour in the ‘Unpainted Pictures’ of Emil Nolde. These influences echo through the collection, shaped by the artist as she inquires into the twists and turns of her own life.