Catching the Whispers

I’m so excited! My new course is ready to launch and registration opens today. Catching the Whispers will start on 23 August and, over four weeks, participants will be taking time to hear the whispers of their intuitive selves that are drawing them to a more poetic life.

I myself made a transition from university academic, surrounded by piles of monochrome text and harsh angular furniture, to artist, working with colour, language, and imagination, in the light, bright space that I dreamed of so often. It took several years. it involved some false starts and bad choices, and putting those right. And, since we live in a complex dynamic world, it all keeps changing anyway. In spite of all that, for the time being, I am relishing the poetic life I created.

And I’ll be happy if I can help other people shift their lives, even just a fraction, towards whatever they are catching as whispered suggestions of delight.

To find out more, come on over to the Course Page.

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Lynne CameronComment